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 Showcase Academy 

Commercial Dance Education Program by Tommy Gryson. 20 weeks.

Trained by the best in the industry. Only acces after audition.

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 Everything you need to know. 

Our Showcase Academy is our intensive, 20 week, high level dance program.

This dance program is for any dancer that wants to go professional, that has this urge to go the extra mile, that thrives to be on stage and gives it their all every single performance.

This dance program is to take your dance career to the next level.



Our Showcase Academy trains 8 hours a week, for 20 weeks between October and April.

10 weeks in the first semester, 10 weeks in the second.


20:00 - 22:00 - Performance / Commercial


20:00 - 22:00 - Urban Training


9:30 - 12:30 - Technical

+ 1 hour personal assigned class


We do not accept students by age, we focus on your level and motivation.

 All round Entertainment Education 

You're not only going to be trained to become a better dancer, but you will also get performance classes. Performance classes include vocal training, theatre, audition training, make-up, acro and solo's.

Urban training includes girly hiphop, foundations, house dance, whacking, old school hiphop training and battle technique.

The technique training focusses on ballet, jumps, partnering, solo's, turns, improvisation, modern, jazz and so much more.


This program only works with the best dancers, choreographers and entertainers in the industry. We work with dancers such as Shauni Vandeput, Jelle Thorrez, Mahdy Coulibaly, Anke Clinck, Gill Requière and many more.

 Limited Spots + Audition 

To enter our Showcase Academy, you have to do an audition.

There are only 25 spots in our Showcase Academy, this way we can provide our students with the best quality education and training. At our audition we take note of your level, motivation, and your performance.

We do not look at age or experience.


20 weeks

160 hours of class

8 hours a week

7 euro / week

€ 1100

(+ 100 euro if paying in two times)

General Info

 Next audition 

Our currect Showcase Academy started September 2023 and ends in April 2024.

Meaning that our next Showcase Academy will be a program of 20 weeks. Have a look at our application procedure last year and keep an eye on our socials to see when you can apply for next season!


Everyone can enter for round one. We often receive questions regarding whether being a semi-pro or a pro is necessary to audition, and the answer is: no!
Auditions are open to everyone!

To apply, all you need to do is send us a video of your best choreography (make sure we can easily watch it - no downloads) along with your personal motivation for joining our Academy. You can send your application to

The deadline for applications is July 16, 2023.


If you successfully pass round one of our auditions, you will receive an invitation for round two - a live audition at Showcase Studio Gent

The live audition will take place on the evening of August 22nd, and you will be evaluated by a live jury. Once you pass round one, all details regarding the audition will be sent to you via email.

Please note that if you don't receive a callback for round two, don't be discouraged - instead, take it as motivation to train for the 2024-2025 season!

- We have limited spots available in our program - 

Next Season
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