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every day from 9:30 - 16:00

Monday 03/7 - Thursday 06/7

Monday 28/8 - Thursday 31/8



Tommy Gryson

Femke Vanbecelaere

Gill Requiere

Sarah Mancini

Jelle Thorrez


Tommy Gryson

Femke Vanbecelaere

Shauni Vandeput

Shakira Mahieu

Stefanie Duc

Julia Thorrez

An intensive at Showcase Studio is al about growing as a dancer and having fun. Our dancers train four days in a row from 9:30-16:00 with various teachers in different styles.

Becoming a better dancer happens when pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, trying new styles and working with those who support and push you to do better.

Our intensives focus on learning a choreography at a faster pace, owning your routine to then perform it in front of a camera. 

We train at a high level, with top-notch choreographers and dancers, in a gorgeous studio in Gent, with the most uplifting and supportive vibe in-between dancers. No competition, everyone gets the chance to grab their spotlight moment.

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