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TRIAL CLASSES: January 22-25

Kiddo's & Teens: Book here

Adults: Bookings open one week in advance!


Your weekly appointment at Showcase Studio.

Schedule September

Schedule 2023-2024

Eén semester duurt 12 weken, exclusief schoolvakanties, en de prijs bedraagt € 105,-. Het eerste semester start in de week van 25 september en het tweede semester in de week van 22 januari.

Elk semester begint met een
gratis proeflesweek waarbij alle lessen openstaan om te proberen!
Let op: proeflessen worden geannuleerd voor lessen die uitverkocht zijn voordat het semester begint.
One semester runs for 12 weeks excluding school breaks and the price will be
€105. The first semester starts the week of September 25 and the second semester starts on the week of January 22.

Every semester starts with
a free trial class week where all classes are open to try!
Note: trial classes get cancelled for classes that are sold out before the semester starts.


SOLD OUT - semester 1*

Jazz Advanced - Rebecca

Modern Intermediate - Keanu

Modern Advanced - Keanu

Commercial Intermediate - Femke

Commercial Advanced - Femke

*Bookings open again in January for the second semester.


Meet the teachers

Get ready to experience a dance class like no other, where happiness and joy fill the hearts of every dancer. Allow us to introduce Keanu, an extraordinary dance instructor with a sassy personality, years of experience, and a knack for creating drop-dead gorgeous choreographies.

Keanu, the founder of 'Basta Dansgezelschap', has made a mark in the dance world by winning the prestigious Kamata Jazz 2020 award. His talent and dedication have earned him the title of the most awesome teacher we've ever seen.

At Showcase Studio, Keanu imparts his expertise in Modern Dance, catering to both Intermediate and Advanced levels. Join him on Tuesdays as he guides you through captivating routines that will push your boundaries and ignite your passion for dance.


Get ready to be dazzled by the phenomenal talent of Femke, who is practically living in our Studio. As the assistant to Tommy, this powerhouse stands at just 1m54 but manages to leave every audience, dancer, and choreographer breathless with her electrifying performances.

Femke's passion for movement and her unwavering love for dance drive her to strive for excellence. Her dedication to becoming the best of the best is truly inspiring. In addition to her remarkable talent, Femke is known for her sweet and supportive nature, making her an invaluable member of our Showcase family. She genuinely cares about the success and growth of fellow dancers, creating a nurturing and uplifting environment for everyone.

Join Femke in her classes, where you'll learn how to dance with grandeur, power, and boundless energy.


Allow us to introduce Rebecca, our vibrant and talented dance instructor hailing from London. Although born and raised in Belgium, Rebecca's dance training took her to the bustling streets of London, where she honed her skills and acquired a unique artistic perspective.

Rebecca's jazz classes are not your typical tea time affair. Prepare to be served a delightful blend of high-energy and technically precise choreography that will leave you breathless. Regardless of your skill level, Rebecca has tailored her classes to accommodate both beginners and intermediate/advanced dancers.

Rebecca's passion for dance goes beyond her own training. She consistently seeks opportunities to expand her knowledge by participating in workshops and masterclasses across various dance styles. Her dedication has led her to collaborate with Showcase on numerous prestigious projects, including tours with K3, appearances on TV shows like "Tien Om Te Zien," and electrifying performances at events like Tomorrowland.

In addition to her accomplishments as a performer, Rebecca has also been sharing her expertise as a teacher for several years. She has conducted workshops at our Showcase Studio, igniting the passion for dance in aspiring dancers.


Meet Julia, an extraordinary dancer who has been a source of unwavering support for her older brother, Jelle, our esteemed Hip-Hop teacher. From a young age, Julia found solace in watching dance shows and eagerly sought opportunities to take classes whenever possible.

Driven by her passion, Julia dedicated herself to rigorous training and actively sought out workshops to continuously evolve as a dancer. One fateful day, she attended a workshop led by Tommy Gryson, an experience that left her utterly captivated. From that moment on, Julia adopted the concept of going "full out" in everything she did and in every dance style she explored.

A year ago, Julia embarked on an incredible journey at our prestigious Showcase Academy, where she had the opportunity to learn from the very best in the industry. Her relentless hard work, discipline, and unwavering confidence have propelled her to where she stands today. Yet, Julia's hunger for growth and knowledge remains insatiable.


Allow us to introduce Jelle Thorrez, the talented Hip-Hop teacher and the proud older brother of Julia. If you're looking to enhance your grooves, master your house moves, and exude an irresistible attitude and swag, Jelle is the one to turn to!

Jelle's journey in dance began as a B-Boy, immersing himself in exhilarating street dance battles. Fuelled by his deep love for the art form, he pursued formal training at Fontys to become an exceptional all-round dancer. It didn't take long for Jelle to grace stages across Belgium and Europe, leaving his mark in music videos, joining K3 on tour, contributing to a Nike project, and much more.

In his class, Jelle seamlessly combines his urban training and extensive stage experience to offer you the best of both worlds. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, Jelle's class is open to all levels, ensuring everyone can enjoy and benefit from his expertise.


We are thrilled to welcome Dré to the Showcase family as one of our newest dance instructors! Dré's journey with Showcase began when Tommy discovered his exceptional dancing skills while searching for dancers for a new Kipling campaign. Inspired by Dré's talent, Tommy invited him to join the Showcase Academy training program at our studio. With relentless dedication and a passion for dance, Dré honed his skills and emerged as a remarkable dancer, earning him opportunities such as performing with the sensational group K3.

We are delighted that Dré will now be sharing his expertise and love for breakdancing with children aged 7 to 12 years old. His breakdance classes are designed to inspire young dancers, nurture their talents, and introduce them to the vibrant world of breakdancing. With Dré's guidance, your children will learn the foundations, techniques, and exciting moves of breakdancing in a fun and supportive environment.


We are thrilled to welcome Tine, our newest dance instructor, to our team at Showcase Studio! Tine's passion for dance began at a young age as she grew up in her mother's dance school, where she was surrounded by the vibrant energy of the dance studio. Her extensive training as an all-round dancer includes Modern, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Commercial, Jazz, Tap Dance, Pole Dance, Duo Dance, and even Breakdance.

Driven by her dream of becoming a professional dancer, Tine seized the opportunity to audition for Showcase Academy, where she is currently honing her skills. She describes her time at the academy as a transformative year, during which she learned more than ever before, pushing herself to new heights.

Tine's journey as an instructor started as an assistant, working with young children and guiding them in their first dance steps. Building on this experience, she began teaching dance to children aged 6 to 12. Starting from September, Tine will be taking charge of our "Kiddo Dance" and "TikTok Class" lessons.

Tine brings a fresh and dynamic approach to her teaching, infusing her classes with her extensive dance background and contagious enthusiasm. She believes in fostering a nurturing environment that allows students to explore their creativity while developing their technical skills.

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